About Me

Helen Duong

I am a communication and digital experience project manager with 15+ years of experience managing cross-functional teams, leading complex technology projects and executing programs and outreach campaigns that drive customer and employee engagement. A Stanford University Certified Project Manager and Risk Management Professional with a successful track record developing and implementing user-centric communications and marketing plans that deliver a seamless user experience (UX) across all digital channels and platforms.

Customer + Employee Engagement
Strategic Communications
Project Management

Check out my work below. All products were developed, designed and produced by me; unless noted otherwise. For most of my projects, I serve as the project manager, communications lead, web designer, and primary media spokesperson. 

Communications + Technology

My Work: Customer + Employee Engagement

Training Program


Keep customers and employees informed, involved and engaged with regular news updates.

News Releases

Issue a news release with ready-to-go images, visuals and a video so others can easily share your news on their channels.

Social Media: LinkedIn

Post your news on a professional network channel to build trust and credibility in your brand.

Social Media: Twitter

Tweet & retweet information to educate your followers about your work.

Social Media: Yammer

Energize employees by publishing internal news that promote your organization's mission, vision and values.

Websites + Applications

My Work: Strategic Communications

Use open source UX research techniques
Design visuals for a UX event to showcase your end product
Design posters with easy-to-understand UX instructions
Design posters with easy-to-understand UX instructions
Design posters with easy-to-understand UX instructions 2
Display visuals in high foot traffic areas to encourage user adoption

Agile + Waterfall

My Work: Project Management

I start all of my projects by asking, "Who needs to be involved?" + "What does success look like?".

STEP 1: Develop the project management plans

You'll need a management plan for communications, risks, project integration, human resource, change & transition, cost & time, and more.

STEP 2: Share with your team to get their feedback

It's important to get input from your team on the deliverables and deadlines.They can also help you to identify potential problems that could negatively impact your project.

I am an active member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), an organization that provides globally-recognized standards, certifications, communities, resources, tools, academic research, publications, professional development courses and networking opportunities. I follow PMI’s practice standards and framework to complete my work.

Develop project management plans based on the "Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)"
Agile Practice Guide
Follow the Agile Manifesto mindset, values and principles.

My On-Demand Services


I can create, design and produce all types of high-quality digital products with a quick turnaround time.

Project Management

I can manage end-to-end project delivery and execution (from the scope, implementation to closing) for your communications and technology programs; including the development of all related communication products, branding, and visuals. For most projects, I will be using the “Agile” approach to manage your project. You’ll be able to see continuous, incremental deliverables from me.


I can support your disruptive technology projects (e.g., translate data into stories, manage data insights, and use data to create business value).


Most digital assignments (e.g., web updates, press announcements, news briefs, social media posts and similar tasks) can be completed within hours, same day, and the next business day. Connect with me on Twitter @Helduong or LinkedIn (helenduong) if you need support.

Archived Work Samples

News Releases | Media Spokesperson

Project Management | Digital Transformation